For Sale:
Electro-Motive Division
General Motor Corporation
Model No: LR8-567-CR
Serial No:65-H1-1096
Two pcs Complete Engine With gear.
For Sale:
We are sending you EMD 20-645-E9 Engine Spares for Water Pump,Lub Oil Pump,Governor and Self Used.
EMD 20-645-E9
1.Governor 06Pcs Used.
2.Water Pump 12Pcs Used.
3.Lub Oil Pump 12Pcs Used.
4.Self 12Pcs Used.

Engine For Sale 20 cylinder 710

Brand new EMD KATO generator sets available.

Built year is 2008. Made is USA.

There are total 6 sets.

All sets come with attached cooling system.

Zero hours from cancelled project.

Below is link with details and pictures.

EMD KATO Generator sets.

Sets are marine engines

Certificates are not available.

Below are details of inspection.

1. Diesel engine is 20 cylinder, V type, two stroke diesel engine cylinder diameter is about 230mm, at full load, the fuel consumption of 5 US gallons per minute, about 1.135m3/h, the oil consumption is 0.45 US gallons per hour, about 1.7L/h.

2., the entire units are original U.S. imports, the entire unit weight of about 100 tons, the length of about 15 meters, the equipment spare parts and tools piled up next to the machine, not out of the box, the whole generator protection is better, the appearance of new

3. plate cooler, fuel filter, oil filter, pump and other ancillary equipment are installed on the common base of the unit, well preserved, no relevant power distribution and control equipment has been found at the scene

4. Because the IMO Tier II NOx emission standards in the 2011.1.1 effect, the 6 units of the production date (2008.11) before the effective date, EIAPP certificate may be Tier I, the 6 generators should not meet the new requirements, the society need to apply for exemption, if the original unit is Tier II, the new standard Tier III in 2016.1.11 is in effect, if the NOx emission control area of navigation, the need to install SCR.

5. it is not possible to determine whether the Classification Society Certificate of the unit is in the spare parts box.

Price offered is US $3.0 m for all six sets together ex warehouse China. We can arrange shipment to your nearest sea port.

Let me know your further interest.