We aim to set the highest standards in our industry by providing high quality products, excellent customer service and customized customer solutions.

Locomotive Parts & Services EMD GE and Alco
Building Industry Leading Locomotives parts
Driving high-tech change across the rail industry to reduce costs, streamline operations and increase performance.

Railway Supply Interchange
Going to Railway Interchange 2017 (September 17-20, Indianapolis)? Now’s the time to register for the exhibiton, educational sessions, and AREMA 2017 Annual conference. It’s also a great time to book your hotel room(s) — while the best locations and shortest walks to the convension center are available
Railway Interchange is the largest combined railway exhibition and technical conference in North America. Attended by nearly 10,000 industry professionals from around the globe, this truly massive…
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Our Story

We are the smallest business growing at the 299792458 metres per second (approximately 3.00×10⁸ m/s. Started in 2009 and still going.

Meet the Team

This is a one man crew

Mike Finazzi

Michael Finazzi

Founder & CEO

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Kristy Finazzi

Vice President

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Michael Finazzi IV


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HydroFc was established in 2008 and has become one of the World’s leading suppliers of spare parts for locomotive and marine businesses.
With extensive knowledge and agent network in US, Canada, European, and Indian markets, we are positioned to be the first and only supplier you need to provide even the most elusive parts, on time and under budget.
Rely on HydroFC to provide the highest levels of customer service to help you move yours.
Very truly yours, Mr. Mike Finazzi

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