New EMD Water Pumps Improve Reliability,
Reduce Leaks and Extend Operating life
Electro-Motive has extended its program of
continuous product development with the
redesign of water pumps for its 710 engine
family. The new pumps draw upon the latest
technologies, proven over years of testing
and use in the most rugged industrial and
engine cooling pump environments. These
units are direct replacements for the pumps
previously used, and install with the same
gaskets and hardware.
The new EMD water pumps are used as
standard equipment on all OEM new and
remanufactured 710-series engines. In
addition they are available as standalone
new and UTEX™ parts to upgrade 645 and
710 engines already in service.
Improved Water Seal Design

  • Reduced leakage by over 90%
  • Increased abrasion and wear resistance.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Superior thermal shock performance.
    Increased Bearing Life
  • Engine oil lubricated vs. sealed ball bearings.
  • Spherical roller bearings.
  • Controls axial shaft movement.
  • Eliminates raceway brinnelling.
    Improved Synthetic Oil Seal
  • Protects against oil leaks.
  • Prevents bearing contamination.
  • Includes hardened collar to protect the
    pump shaft.
    Press-Fit Impeller and Gear
  • Precision machined components.
  • No keyways; avoids stress concentration points.
  • No threaded fasteners (nuts, keys & washers)
    to loosen on shaft or gear.

8058625/8122879/9516120/40004237/9516924 : Water Pump Small Right
8122874/8058624/9516119/40004236/9516925 : Water Pump Small Left
8249002/9530406/9501979/40004235/9510677 : Water Pump Large Right
8347607/9320244/9530407/40004234/9332825 : Water Pump Large Left
We Also Offer Hi-Capacity Water Pumps as Well

40106514 Repair Kit

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