Looking for a GE Turbocharger or a rebuild Kit.

If you need a rebuild kit for GE turbochargers give us a call 775.378.2175 or  email me at HydroFC@gmail.com. 

Don’t waste time and money sending in a new turbocharger and getting back junk.  Just rebuild it yourself and let us help.

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GE turbo

126X1000 Turbocharger
126X1001-1 Turbocharger
126X1002-1 Turbocharger
126X1079-1 Turbocharger
126X1084-1 Turbocharger
126X1135 Turbocharger
126X1136 Turbocharger
126X1160-1 Turbocharger
126X1165 Turbocharger
126X1165-1 Turbocharger
126X1168 Turbocharger
126X1237 Turbocharger
126X1242 Turbocharger
126X1250 Turbocharger
126X1250-4 Turbocharger
126X1250-5 Turbocharger
126X1251 Turbocharger
126X1252 Turbocharger
126X1252-2 Turbocharger
126X1280 Turbocharger
126X1390 Turbocharger
126X1339 Turbocharger
126X1394 Turbocharger
126X1400 Turbocharger
126X1408 Turbocharger
126X1410 Turbocharger
126X1412 Turbocharger
126X1425 Turbocharger
126X1490 Turbocharger
126X1508 Turbocharger
126X1515 Turbocharger
126X1530 Turbocharger
126X1548 Turbocharger
126X1548-1 Turbocharger
126X1550 Turbocharger
126X1550-1 Turbocharger
 326X1501 Turbocharger
126X1596 Turbocharger
126X1600 Turbocharger
126X1605 Turbocharger
126X1606 Turbocharger
126×1610 Turbocharger
126X1610-1 Turbocharger
126X1612 Turbocharger
126X1615 Turbocharger
126X1616 Turbocharger
126X1616-1 Turbocharger
126×166-4 Turbocharger
126X1620-1 Turbocharger
126X1630-1 Turbocharger
126X1630-2 Turbocharger
126X1635 Turbocharger
126X1635-1 Turbocharger
126X1640 Turbocharger
126X1640-1 Turbocharger
126X1650 Turbocharger
126X1650-1 Turbocharger
126X1655 Turbocharger
126X1655-1 Turbocharger
126X1666 Turbocharger
126X1675 Turbocharger
126X1675-1 Turbocharger
126X1690 Turbocharger
126X1691 Turbocharger
126X1691-1) Turbocharger
126×1694 Turbocharger
126X1700 GE Turbocharger
126X1700-1 Turbocharger
126X1706 Turbocharger
126X1708 Turbocharger
126X1712 Turbocharger
126X1716 Turbocharger
126X1717 Turbocharger
126X1717-1 Turbocharger
126X1717-2 Turbocharger
126X1726 Turbocharger
126X1745 Turbocharger
126X1798 Turbocharger
126X1799 Turbocharger
126X1805 Turbocharger
126X1816 Turbocharger
126X1817 Turbocharger
126X1817-2 Turbocharger
126X1819 Turbocharger
126X1820 Turbocharger
126X1821 Turbocharger
126X1826 Turbocharger
126X1830-1 Turbocharger
126X1842 Turbocharger
126X1848 Turbocharger
126X1848-1 Turbocharger
126X1861 Turbocharger
126X1869 Turbocharger
126X1882 Turbocharger
126X1883 Turbocharger
126X1872 Turbocharger
126X1897 Turbocharger
126X1898 Turbocharger
126X1899 Turbocharger
126X1900 Turbocharger
126X1901 Turbocharger
126X1902 Turbocharger
126X1904 Turbocharger
126X1910 Turbocharger
126X1913 Turbocharger
126X1914 Turbocharger
126X1919 Turbocharger
126X1921 Turbocharger
126X1936 Turbocharger
126X1992 Turbocharger
126X1940 Turbocharger
326X1000 Turbocharger
326X1001 Turbocharger
326X1002 Turbocharger
326X1003 Turbocharger
326X1004 Turbocharger
326X1005 Turbocharger
326X1006 Turbocharger
326X1088 Turbocharger
326X1253 Turbocharger
426X1000 Turbocharger
426X1002 Turbocharger