Rolls Royce Aero
Part Number Description
6A7561 Shroud Assy
6A7568 Shield
6A7587 Bridge Piece
6A7593 Connector Assy
6A7594 Connector Assy
6A7595 Bridge Piece
6A7619 Connector, Stage 3
6A7719 Shroud Assy of half stage
6A7727 Shroud Assy of VJGV
AH10403 Shroud, Assy
AH10404 Shroud Assy
AX66509 Panel Support
AX66606 Baffle-Assy
AX66609 Case Assy
AX6717 Seal Air Front
AX67248 Segment Locating Rear
AX67900 Panel, A/O Support
AX70563 Seal A/O Air Front
B493497PM1 Ring
B506396PM2 Ring
B506399PM2 Ring cooling
B506401PM2B Ring maching
B506403PM2 Ring maching
B511284PM2 Ring Cooling
B507717 Ring seal
B508526 Ring Assy
B508527 Ring Bearing Outer
B511050 Ring
B511051 Ring, Bearing Outer
B511057 Ring, Assy
B511058 Ring, Bearing Outer
B513311 Ring, Seal, LP Compressor F402
B515428 Ring Assy
B516839 Entry Duct Sub Unit
B909108 Ring Labyrinth
B928830 Spacer Ring Comp
B928832 Spacer-Ring Comp
B928834 Spacer-Ring Comp
B928835 Spacer-Ring Comp
B928837 Spacer-Ring Comp
B928839 Spacer-Ring Comp
EU22896A Housing bearing, Flexible LP
EU35124 Seal, Nozzle Segment
EU35125 Seal, Nozzle Segment
EU60337A Housing Seal Oil and Air
EU71188 Case Assembly Nozzle
EU71189 Case Nozzle
EU11405 Segment Locating Nozzle
EU15189 Support, Air Seals
EU16236 Sleeve, Seal, Finned Turbine
EU67093 Support, Nozzle Vane
FK10627 Scoop Assy Oil
FK14035 Segment Retaining
FK14036 Segment Retaining
FK14136 Ring Assy
FK19684 Housing Assy
FK22358 Support, Seal-Rear
FK23161 Sleeve Locking Plunger
FK23490 Retainer, Bearing
FK24004 Plate LP Brg. Location
FK25378 Housing Assy of Ring Seal
FK26931 Sleeve Assy
FK29286 Sleeve Assy
FK29287 Retainer bearing
FK29289 Retainer bearing
FK29296 Ring Assy Nut Retaining
FK29299 Sleeve Assy
FK29434 Ring, Support
FK30172 Shroud Assy
FK33009 Seal Assy
FW21215 Spacer, Combustion Support Case
FW21216 Spacer, Combustion Support Case
FW21217 Spacer, Combustion Support Case
FW21218 Spacer, Combustion Support Case
FW21219 Spacer, Combustion Support Case
FW21220 Spacer, Combustion Support Case
FW21221 Spacer, Combustion Support Case
FW21222 Spacer, Combustion Support Case
FW21223 Spacer, Combustion Support Case
FW21224 Spacer, Combustion Support Case
FW21225 Spacer, Combustion Support Case
FW21226 Spacer, Combustion Support Case
FW21227 Spacer, Combustion Support Case
FW21228 Spacer, Combustion Support Case
FW21229 Spacer, Combustion Support Case
FW21230 Spacer, Combustion Support Case
FW21231 Spacer, Combustion Support Case
FW21232 Spacer, Combustion Support Case
FW21233 Spacer, Combustion Support Case
FW21234 Spacer, Combustion Support Case
FW22510 Washer, Adjusting
FW22511 Washer, Adjusting
FW22512 Washer, Adjusting
FW22513 Washer, Adjusting
FW22514 Washer, Adjusting
FW22515 Washer, Adjusting
FW22516 Washer, Adjusting
FW22517 Washer, Adjusting
FW22518 Washer, Adjusting
FW22521 Spacer, Combustion Gear Inner Case
FW22522 Spacer, Combustion Gear Inner Case
FW22523 Spacer, Combustion Gear Inner Case
FW22524 Spacer, Combustion Gear Inner Case
FW22525 Spacer, Combustion Gear Inner Case
FW22526 Spacer, Combustion Gear Inner Case
FW22527 Spacer, Combustion Gear Inner Case
FW22528 Spacer, Combustion Gear Inner Case
FW22529 Spacer, Combustion Gear Inner Case
FW22530 Spacer, Combustion Gear Inner Case
FW22531 Spacer, Combustion Gear Inner Case
FW22532 Spacer, Combustion Gear Inner Case
FW22533 Spacer, Combustion Gear Inner Case
FW22534 Spacer, Combustion Gear Inner Case
FW22535 Spacer, Combustion Gear Inner Case
FW22536 Spacer, Combustion Gear Inner Case
FW22537 Spacer, Combustion Gear Inner Case
FW22538 Spacer, Combustion Gear Inner Case
FW22925 Spacer Adjusting
FW22926 Spacer Adjusting
FW22927 Spacer Adjusting
FW22928 Spacer Adjusting
FW22929 Spacer Adjusting
FW22930 Spacer Adjusting
FW22931 Spacer Adjusting
FW22932 Spacer Adjusting
FW22933 Spacer Adjusting
FW10754 Ring Retainer
FW12012 Distributor, Assy
FW12016 Sleeve. LP Location, Bearing
FW13317 Seal
FW13826 Seal-Housing
FW14530 Tube Assy, air transfer
FW14789 Ring
FW15776 Shield
FW16774 Tube
FW16937 Plate,Blade, Retaining
FW20307 Baffle Assy
FW20308 Distributor Assy
FW20318 Housing Assy Ring Seal
FW20319 Oil Seal Assy Hydraulic
FW20323 Shaft Assy LP compressor
FW20324 Sleeve Lp Location
FW20586 Ring, Seal
FW21144 Ring, Front Support
FW21213 Support Assy
FW21214 Ring, Assy of Retaining
FW21429 Segment, Retaining
FW21588 Housing Seal
FW21590 Housing Assy, support HP Location Bearing
FW21592 Shroud
FW21598 Seal Assy oil/air static
FW21791 Ring Assy, Nut retaining
FW21963 Sleeve, Locking Plunger IP Shaft Coupling
FW22235 Sleeve Assy
FW22441 Ring Retaining
FW22442 Ring Retaining
FW22443 Ring LPI
FW22546 Baffle-IP Loc
FW22613 LP Bearing carrier
FW22624 Housing Assy
FW22641 Plate Retainer
FW22642 Plate Retaining
FW22643 Seal-Lp Buffer, Assy
FW22644 Seal
FW22654 Ring Retaining Plate
FW22959 Ring Rear Labyrinth Seal
FW22960 Ring Seal,Inner
FW23007 Shroud Assy, Half stage
FW23008 Shroud Assy, Half stage
FW23040 Coupling Assy, Shaft Rigid
FW23234 Ring, Retaining Stage 1
FW23235 Ring Retaining
FW23236 Ring Retaining
FW23237 Ring Retaining
FW23238 Ring Retaining
FW23239 Ring Retaining
FW23240 Ring Retaining
FW23241 Ring Retaining
FW23242 Ring Retaining
FW23243 Ring Retaining
FW23536 Plate blade retaining
FW23537 Plate blade retaining
FW23699 Seal front air
FW23700 Seal Assy
FW23701 Bearing retainer
FW23702 Bearing retainer
FW23703 Seal Rear Air
FW23705 Seal Rear Air
FW24037 Baffle tube
FW24055 U”Ring Front
FW24056 U” Ring Rear
FW24094 Sleeve Spherical Shoulder
FW24353 Nut Ring LP Turbine Shaft
FW24357 Collar Fan
FW24358 Ring Seal
FW24359 Nut slotted
FW24360 Ring Locking
FW24397 Washer Cup
JJ1806PM3 Bearing Track Outer
JJ115564 Carrier Assy of Brush Seal
JR12314A Seal Assy
JR29900 Segment, Outer
JR30153 Seal Air Inner
JR32328 Spacer
JR32329 Spacer
JR32330 Spacer
JR32331 Spacer
JR32332 Spacer
JR32390 Spacer
JR32391 Spacer
JR32392 Spacer
JR32394 Spacer
JR32397 Spacer
JR32399 Spacer
LK81954 Plate
LK82670 Panel Assy
LK82671 Panel
LK86656 Ring
LK94911 Ring Cooling
LN3309 Ring, Abutment
LW11517 Segment
LW11518 Segment
LW12492 Segment-Liner
LW12493 Segment-Liner
LW17107 Segment
NDP9977 Case
NN12703 Housing Assy
NN15440 Ring Retaining
NN16338 Ring Assy
NN16368 Spacer Flange
NN16559 Ring, Containment
NN16646 Ring Support
NN31475 Ring
NN31516 Ring, Inner
NPH1616 Front Flange
NPM6014 Cooling Ring
NPM7080 Cooling Ring
NPM7081 Cooling Ring
NPX6984 Outer Panel
NQF000018 Front Flange
NQF000260 Kit Parts
UL12147 Sleeve Assy
UL12148 Sleeve Bearing
UL21733 Carrier, Seal Ring
UL23129 Housing & Oil Wier
UP11799 Nut, Retaining
UP11800 Washer